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Dec 5, 2013 4:00pm EST
meteorologist, veronica johnson is tracking really cold weather and some drastic changes for the weekend. >>> good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm barbara harrison. this afternoon, one officer appeared in court on child pornography charges. a second was found with a missing teenager. >> now, news 4 learned a same police officer is being questioned in the same case. mark segraves has the latest in a fast moving story. >> reporter: two d.c. police officers are off the street and another behind bars in allegations officers were having inappropriate contact with underage girls. it was two days ago when a d.c. police officer was charged with taking nude pictures of a 15-year-old girl. multiple sources say another officer is being charged for his actions after the mother called the police. the second officer is not charged with wrong doing but placed on desk duty pending the investigation. he tried to alert officer washington that he was about to be arrested. another officer has been placed on desk duty as his allegations are being investigated. a judge ordered him held until a future c
Dec 10, 2013 4:00pm EST
meteorologist veronica johnson. >> bitter cold for sure. we're not just talking subfreezing temperatures, but subfreezing temperatures. we're going way down tonight. take a look across the area right now, getting a little bit of melting throughout the area. we did get sunshine. this system blew in here and out of here very quickly. these are the area where snow did fall. you can see pretty much along just east and back to the west of i-95. big winners to the north and wes west. snow melting has taken place today. i don't think we'll see a lot over the next two days with the cold. at least there's nothing falling right now. quiet on the radar. temperatures currently at 34 degrees, culpepper coming in at 37 degrees right now. with the sunshine helping us out a little bit on area roads, it's the secondary roads that we have to worry about as temperatures drop, look at this, from 13 degrees in frederick to 22 degrees in d.c. folks, that means, again, some serious issues on area roads. icy patches with the refreeze. just when we get a chance to warm up and see more melting takes place, we'll
Dec 2, 2013 4:00pm EST
coming up at 5:00. >>> no sunshine on this cloudy monday. >> veronica johnson is in the weather center. we did warm up a bit though, didn't we? >> we did. it's the trend for the rest of the workweek. for back to work and back to school today, i have been monitoring the cloud cover across the area. a bit of a downer today with all that gray sky across the area. take a look at the live cam and the woodrow wilson bridge. nothing but gray. how much we are socked in. from maryland through d.c. and down through virginia, cloud cover across the area. have to go all the way to virginia to see clear skies. all this with a bit of a light wind out of the northeast across the area. as we take a look at our temperatures right now, some of our warmer spots down to the south. fredericksburg at 49 degrees. cool at 45 right near the water at annapolis, maryland. close to 50 degrees, mild but again, the trend is for the temperatures to go up. as we take a look at the forecast for the evening, we drop to 41 degrees. notice the fog that will be forming. i'll show you those locations that i think mi
Dec 6, 2013 4:00pm EST
sent shoppers scurrying. >> veronica johnson is here to tell us how long the rain will last. >> this is the first wave of this big system that as you know, storm team 4 has been monitoring for the last couple days. what we are getting here with the first round is nothing more than rain. let me zoom into the area. it's just pretty much light showers for the most part throughout gaithersburg. fairfax, manassas and bowie. it's what's coming in over the next couple hours. the rain and intensity is going to step up and pick up. all as we chill down from upper 50s to 60 degrees. we are at 47 degrees in d.c. look at the cooldown. close to the 30s now. folks in hagerstown, 39 degrees in cumberland, maryland. all this as we get ready for round two. we have more rain for the overnight. then we have the snow and ice that is going to step into the area. the snow and ice, already unfolding over the nation's midsection and ohio valley. reducing quite a bit of ice. when i return in a couple minutes, who is under a winter storm watch. later, what we are going to pick up in terms of how much snowfall
Dec 4, 2013 4:00pm EST
weather. veronica johnson is tracking it all. that's right. we have a lot of changes that we're going through in the weather. outside today, well, we've got an overcast sky across the area. it stretches far and wide. let's take a look. our temperatures today under the overcast sky. as we look right over the potomac, temperatures today in the 50s across the area. even 60 degrees for you folks around fredricksburg. stafford at 57 today. 57 around waldorf, maryland. but tomorrow temperatures will be going way up. probably get freakishly mild before another cold blast moves in. that's your thursday. all this as we track a big storm that will be setting up a large area of icy conditions through the nation's midsection and then eventually here. i'll tell you which areas and when in a couple of majorities. >>> d.c. police are identifying the man shot and killed by officers in the trinidad neighborhood last night. his name is darius murphy and he's 19 years old. both the officer and murphy went to the hospital where murphy later died. the officer was released this morning. >>> police in princ
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5